Registration Pricing & Exhibitor Information

Advanced registration is now closed. Please register on site during the conference.

(October 24 – October 26 from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Click below to view the Exhibitor Hall & Venue Floor Plans or to download the Exhibitor Kit.

  • Premium Tier $2,200

    Premium location. Single 10'x10' booth

  • Standard Tier $1,900

    Standard location. Single 10'x10' booth

  • Basic Tier $1,700

    Basic location. Single 10'x10' booth

*If you are retired from UDOT and do not work for a company that does business with UDOT, please email [email protected] for information on how to register at no cost.

View registration pricing and exhibitor information below.

Hotel Accommodations

The Utah Transportation Conference does not reserve a room block for conference attendees. See below for a list of nearby recommendations.

Hilton Garden Inn — Sandy

Residence Inn by Marriott — Sandy

Hyatt Place — Sandy 


For a downtown experience, you might appreciate staying at the following hotels (approximately 14 miles by car from the conference center)

 The Little America Hotel — Salt Lake City

The Grand America Hotel — Salt Lake City

2023 Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

The information noted in the 2023 Terms and Conditions is subject to change. Please confirm any questions on these Terms and Conditions by emailing [email protected].


Purchase of each booth space includes one complimentary registration which allows entry into the exhibit hall, all sessions, and meals.* The contact person for the booth purchase does not get free entry into the exhibit hall. All booth staff and conference attendees must register.

No person under the age of 16 years old will be admitted in the exhibit hall during the installation and dismantling periods. All persons in the exhibit hall must have proper registration credentials.

The conference sessions, trade show and food/beverage functions are limited to attendees who have registered to attend the conference. Exhibitor personnel and all conference attendees are required to register for the conference and wear the provided badge throughout the conference duration.

Conference management reserves the right to withdraw the use of a badge used to gain admission to the exhibit hall by any person other than the one for whom it was assigned. Conference management reserves the right to refuse to admit and eject from the conference and exhibit hall any objectionable or undesirable person or persons; and on the exercise of this authority, the exhibitor, employees, and agents, hereby waive any right and claim of damages against conference management.

*Accommodations provided for: Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, Fish, Soy, and Sesame.  

Meals with these specific dietary restrictions are automatically prepared.  Please let us know of any allergies you might have not included by the above list by October 3, 2023 by contacting us at [email protected].

Booth Space Activities

Booth activities may not block the main walkway or adjacent exhibitors and must be contained in the designated booth space. Any activity conducted in a booth space that causes noise or disruption (i.e. games) must be approved by October 1, 2023 by the conference committee. Please request approval by sending an email to [email protected].

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages inside the Mountain America Exposition Center is handled exclusively by Centerplate/Sodexo. Please contact Centerplate/Sodexo to request the Sampling Policy and Guidelines. For any requests or orders please contact Sheri Winkel ([email protected]).


Violations of the Food and Beverage Sampling Policies may result in the exhibitor paying fees or not being allowed to give away their food or beverage.

Drones/Unmanned Aerial Systems

Use of drones on the Mountain America Expo Center property is prohibited. For any questions, please contact [email protected].

Additional Facility Rules

As an exhibitor at the Mountain America Exposition Center, you are required to comply with the facility’s policies and procedures regarding fire safety, food samples, decorating, and other general operating policies. This requirement is imposed upon you as a subcontractor through your specific event contractor. Below are specific policies that we would like to bring to your attention. For a more comprehensive list of policies, please visit the Mountain America Exposition Center website. expo-center/ under Policies and Procedures.

Decals & Stickers

Adhesive-backed decals, stickers and chewing gum may not be distributed anywhere on the premises.


Decorations are not permitted on ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, fabric, windows, decorative walls, or fire sprinklers. All decorative materials must be flameproof in accordance with fire regulations.

Fire Safety Rules & Regulations

The NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and the International Fire and Building Code are the established standards for review of occupancies and events at the Mountain America Exposition Center. The information contained in this outline is a summary of relevant provisions contained in these Codes, as well as standard operating procedures established in cooperation with the City Fire Marshal.

  1. All curtains, drapes and decoration must be constructed of flameproof material, or be treated with an approved flame proofing solution. Treatment shall be renewed as often as may be necessary to maintain the flame-proofing
  2. No combustible materials, merchandise or signs shall be attached to, hung from, or draped over side and rear divider draperies of booths, or attached to table skirting facing aisles, unless flame
  3. All exits, hallways and aisles are to be kept clear and unobstructed at all
  4. Storage of any kind behind the drapes or display walls or inside display areas is prohibited. All cartons, crates, containers and packing materials that are necessary for repacking shall be removed from the show floor. Consideration will be given for the storage of crates outside of the facility. Contact the Event Management Department for available
  5. No exit door shall be locked, bolted, or otherwise fastened or obstructed at any time the facility is open to the Moreover, it shall be unlawful to obstruct, or reduce passageway or other means of egress. Additionally, all required exits shall be so located as to be discernible and accessible with unobstructed access thereto.
  6. All sawdust and shavings shall be thoroughly treated with an approved flame-retardant product, stored, and maintained in a manner approved by the Fire Marshal. Hay and straw are not allowed in the
  7. Automobiles, trucks, tractors, machinery, and other motor vehicles utilizing flammable fuels, which are placed on display inside the facility shall have no more than ¼ tank or five gallons of fuel in the tank, whichever is less. All fuel tanks shall be locked or effectively sealed, and at least one battery cable disconnected from the ignition system. Ignition keys for vehicles on display shall be kept by a responsible person at the display location for removal of such vehicle from the building in the event of an All vehicles on display will be required to have a working smoke detector placed inside.
  8. The use of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) and/or propane and compressed natural gas (CNG) inside the building, tents or other areas is strictly prohibited, except for demonstration purposes when approved by the Fire Marshal. Maximum LPG allowed for exhibition purposes is a 16-oz. non-refillable
  9. All trash and refuse shall be removed daily from the
  10. All electrical wiring shall be installed in a manner approved by facility
  11. All standpipes shall be kept clear and unobstructed at all
  12. All appliances fired by natural gas shall be approved by the facility Engineering Manager and Fire Marshal and be installed in accordance with NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code before being
  13. The Fire Marshal must approve the use of welding and cutting equipment for demonstration
  14. There shall be no obstruction blocking exit doors from the outside of the facility, such as vehicles parked in front of the doorways or barricades across sidewalks,
  15. No curtains, drapes or decorations shall be hung in such a manner as to over any exit
  16. No vehicles shall be parked in fire lanes outside the facility.
  17. No flammable liquid or material shall be used or admitted inside of the facility except by approval of facility management and Fire Marshal. Prohibited materials include, but are not limited to, kerosene, motor fuel, explosives, cryogenic gases, etc.
  18. Artificial lighting, such as lanterns and candles, , requires approval of the facility management and Fire Marshal.
  19. The use of all gas-fired heating units, either portable or stationary, needs to be approved by facility management and Fire
  20. All aisles shall be maintained at a minimum of 10 (10) feet clearance unless otherwise approved in advance by facility management and the Fire
  21. All covered structures in excess of one hundred square feet in area shall be protected by an automatic smoke detection system approved by the Fire
  22. Any contractor that intends to use pyrotechnics in the facility shall hold a valid federal license issued by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, for the use of “low explosives.” A copy of this license shall be provided to the Event Management Department at least one month prior to the event date. The use of pyrotechnics within the licensed area shall be approved by the Show management who shall remain directly responsible to the facility for all activities as described in the Use License Agreement. A complete description of the pyrotechnic activity shall be prepared and submitted to the Facility 30 days in advance of the event and include the following information:
    • Permit for City Fire Department
    • Plots showing exact location, type, and number of devices
    • Protective materials and equipment for activities
    • Location and number of fire extinguishers for activity
    • Schedule of activities, number of certified pyrotechnic operators and their locations