What Can I Do? Show Up!

There are many organizations around the state doing critically important work. Raising money, donating supplies, or volunteering an hour of your time to support the work they do are all ways in which you can support the mission statements and organizations that support Utahns. We invite you to choose an organization whose mission statement means the most to you, and support their work in whichever way you are able.

The UDOT Giving Tree gives employees an opportunity to support and give back to fellow employees going through a hard time to ensure that every child receives a Christmas. Nominations and donations are now open for families to be considered for the 2022 UDOT Giving Tree.

  • Nominations of UDOT employees in need can be given to any member of a Region or Central Leadership team; Need name, where they work, and supervisor so additional information can be gathered.

Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund Campaign

Each year, employees across our state are encouraged to come together in support of the Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund. Active since 1955, this fundraising campaign has represented an opportunity for employees to directly support charities across Utah, with 100% of contributions directly benefiting our communities and neighbors.

Utah Food Bank & Local Pantry

1 in 7 children live in a food insecure home. Last year through its various programs, the Utah Food Bank provided 58.5 million meals statewide. There are multiple ways in which you can participate from attending a sponsored event, making donations, or volunteering at your local food bank or pantry.

School Partnerships

Whether it’s volunteering in the classroom, collecting and donating classroom supplies, or supporting your School’s Community Council, there are countless ways that we can support our neighborhood schools to create successful students, teachers, and classrooms.

  • Donations:  School Lunches
  • Volunteer:  Classroom Aide, Study Hall Tutors, Recess Aide, Bus Duty Support, STEM Support, etc.
  • School / Business Partnerships:  Opportunities for students to participate in a work setting and apply what they learn
  • Additional Information:
    • Governor Cox (Feb 22) – Utah’s Adopt-A-School Program (K-12, Tech Schools & Universities)
      • Website Talent Ready Utah (talentready.ushe.edu)
      • Opportunities for Businesses to Partner with Schools
      • Connecting Schools with Businesses so students can experience work based learning and mentorship opportunities
      • Applications for Businesses to engage with schools
      • Return Utah Internship
        • Return to work opportunities in state government
        • Short-term training at Utah colleges and universities

Utah Foster Care

Utah Foster Care believes every child deserves a safe home with a loving family. We have the opportunity to support both the deserving children working through trauma, and the foster families that love them through it.

Family Support Center

Through their programs that include Crisis Nursery, Lifestart Village, Clinical Services & Education, and in-home programs – Family Support Center works to strengthen families, protect children, and prevent abuse.